Who we are

In 1965 the entrepreneurs J.L. Elkoro and C. Ayastuy founded ELAY in the small town of Antzuola, situated in the heart of Basque Country. These two families, whose surnames combine to form the name of the company – EL + AY – continue to lead us with the same high standards and rigorous principles that have guided us since the beginning.

Like many of the surrounding factories, we began our business by machining forged metal pieces. In 1970, however, ELAY began to differentiate itself as a leader in fine blanking, offering far greater precision and a wider range of products than forging and machining can provide. Fine blanking quickly became the principal activity of the ELAY Group, and it remains so today.

Although ELAY has expanded globally, from Antzuola to Mexico and China, we still maintain the same spirit and values with which the company was founded. Our mandate remains unchanged: create local wealth while protecting the environment and providing not only dignified working conditions, but the conditions necessary for a dignified life.