We advance in the Model of Integral Management Control

Jun 20, 2019
The corporate model of integral management control is a strategic project for Elay Group, fundamental to ensure the competitiveness of the group.


To enable this, Elay Europe has recently completed the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP migration pilot project, developed from an automotive specific vertical solution.

The deployed model has envisaged the implementation of AX with MES plant control system Captor, and also with Prisma maintenance management solution. In this way, information related to production, quality and maintenance costs will be automatically and directly integrated.

Now begins the extension of the model to our plants in Mexico and China. Through cloud-based software, each of the plants will not only improve analysis and decision-making in their own location, but also compare their indicators in real time with the other plants. It will be a clear objective to identify best practices and accelerate their implementation in all plants.

On the other hand, it will allow the corporate to adapt its customer, product and process strategies, in an agile way and with a global perspective, in order to offer services more adjusted to the needs of our clients.