Elay has completed the analysis of our current level of digitalization and proposals for improvement in collaboration with “Tecnalia”

Jun 17, 2021
In the process carried out with the Research and Technological Development Centre “Tecnalia” we have analyzed 5 areas: Business and Market Strategy, Industrial Processes, Organization and People, Infrastructure, and Products and Services.


In these areas we have taken into account 28 drivers such as Innovation, Automation, Markets, Sustainability, Personnel Training, Big Data, Investments, Connected Products and Services…

We have defined 40 possible actions to improve our level of digitalisation in our plants of Antzuola (Basque Country), Celay (Mexico) and Kunshan (China). This is a crucial step in the design of a roadmap to accelerate the Digital Transformation of our plants and processes in our Strategic Plan for 2021-2024.