Developing the new strategic reflection

Jul 26, 2016
Last June we started the new strategic reflection for Elay Group. This process, which will last until November, aims to define the new Strategic Plan 2017-2021, which will mark the way forward for Elay during the next 5 years.


This plan, developed in Europe and which will extend to our plants in America and Asia, will consider the following key aspects:

- Give greater value to the customer: Through early collaboration, simultaneous engineering, participating in the definition of the final product and offering new processes and services beyond fine blanking.

- New materials: Working with advanced materials, both in the pieces that we will manufacture and in the tooling needed to produce them.

- Sustainable growth in the three continents: In this sense, a really ambitious investment plan has been designed, which includes the incorporation of the most modern production technologies, management tools and the construction of a new production plant.

- Advanced Manufacturing: Based on Industry 4.0, evolving our plants to exploit the competitive advantages that current technologies allow us to achieve today.

- Advanced Management: Development of the Elay Way, our own management model and its expansion to our plants in Mexico and China.

- Synergies inter-plants: Developing processes in a cross-cutting manner, exchanging best practices and launching a comprehensive and global knowledge management.

We are developing this strategic reflection in a participatory manner, to ensure that all the people who are part of Elay project feel identified with the resulting Strategic Plan. So far it has been 76 people who have participated directly and hope to reach the hundred before the end of the process.