Capacity increase for the year 2017

Jan 19, 2017
At the end of 2016 Elay formalized the purchase of two new fine blanking presses for the plant of Antzuola.

These presses will be incorporated into our production capacity throughout the second half of 2017, which will reduce manufacturing lead time, improving accordingly our service rate.

2016 has been a record year in the billing of each of the three Elay Group plants, having exceeded in all the 150 million pieces produced. To this situation, we must add the fact that it has been an exceptionally good year in attracting new projects, where the goal that had been set at the beginning of the year has doubled.

The confidence that our clients deposit in Elay encourages us to continue investing both in technical means and in people, with the assurance that we will respond positively to all the expectations placed in our group of companies.