50th Anniversary of Antzuola's plant

Jul 21, 2015
Created in 1965, in Antzuola's plant we are of celebration: different activities have been programmed for this year.

After our participation in the 19th edition of the Korrika in March, Elay’s workers have continued to enjoy that atmosphere of celebration in the Open Day held in June and in the Anniversary Day last July, among others.

Throughout June, the fans of the cycling and of the sport in general had the opportunity to dress for the first time the new kit of Elay. But, besides that, last 13 June a good number of people -about 700 persons - met in Antzuola, in the Open Day that was celebrated in Elay's facilities. That day we had a unique opportunity to show the facilities of our company to our families, parents, spouses and children, and with it, at the end of the tour, to take a couple of snacks and drinks in the tents prepared for this purpose, keeping a relaxed conversation among us.

On the other hand, although every year we celebrate a dinner in July, we wanted the meeting of this year to be very special. Therefore, on 16 July, on the occasion of our 50th Anniversary, Elay’s workers had the opportunity to meet again at our facilities in Antzuola. There were several events scheduled for that morning, in which moments of intense emotion were lived. After these events, the day ended with a meal that for the first time was also held at our plant, although, according to tradition, could not miss the verses of our colleague "Kaxeta" (which were especially emotive for more than one) and our songs. We enjoyed a nice day, in a party atmosphere and, in the end, whoever wanted could then give continuity by joining Antzuola’s festival.

Before the year should finish, there will be organized new activities, of which we will continue reporting.