2nd edition of “Expo Ensamble"

Jun 15, 2015
Celay, S.A. de C.V. celebrated last July 23, 2015, its 2nd Edition of “Expo Ensamble”, accompanied by one of its principal clients and of representatives of Celaya's University

On 23 July, at 10.30 h., began the "2nd Expo Assembly", in the facilities of Celay, with the aim of creating spaces for the knowledge of assemblies and, thereby, create motivation and awareness among workers to this issue, in order to improve the quality of our products.

For such an event Celay had the presence of one of his principal clients in Celaya, as well as the Director of Engineering of Celaya's University. The message of welcome was given by Aracely García, our Project Leader of Celay, who was followed by Javier Tapia, our Operations Manager, who sent a message to all staff gathered there. After his words, the invited representative of the company spoke, with a message that placed special emphasis on the importance of our parts and, therefore, the importance of paying due attention to their manufacturing process. The conference was of great interest to the assembled staff, who had the opportunity to participate at all times in the course of it.