Elay has developed his particular Lean vision

Feb 15, 2016
Elay is 50 years old by now and, as it has done throughout the history, keeps on improving. In line with this evolution, in Elay we have developed a particular Lean vision, a view consistent with our principles, which is completely rooted.

The tools that are applied in Lean are used in many places, but the important thing is to have a global perspective. In our model, this one that we call House ELAY, at the base we have the values, the commitment, the responsibility, the fulfilment of the word …, that is to say, the values that have brought us here and our target, the roof of the House Elay, it is to be profitable in the world of the fine blanking, being always the needs of the clients in the middle.

To keep this House, we have two main pillars in Elay: on the one hand, in the column on the left, we have the tools, some of them technological (using top technology in fine blanking and auxiliary processes), but some others non-technological, designed to meet the needs of the clients from Lean vision (process optimization, management of stocks, standardization, Kaizen, problem solving tools, the A3, SMED, Kanban, …).

And in the right column are individuals, needed to take this forward, people who will make use of the latest technology in an efficient way and who will keep the balance of the House Elay with their commitment. To be a member of Elay it is necessary to have the attitude and way of being based on the values of the column on the right. Therefore, since recent years Elay is making an effort to develop our people, both new additions as those that are already working with us. The challenge for the future lies in reaching the roof of Elay Bidea by working the right column, strengthening, improving that of the left.

In the heart of the House Elay the movement of people is represented, to advance in this arrow of the development and promoting the culture of continuous improvement.

Two columns are necessary for the development of Lean culture and we are completely aware of it at Elay: we will keep on investing in top technology and in the processes, but also top people are required.

ELAY BIDEA, the challenge of today and of the future.