ELAY, worldwide supplier

ELAY came to China in 2013, establishing in Jiangsu's province his production plant of Asia, the third one of the Group in the world.

In order to answer to the needs of the client more closely, ELAY came to China in 2013. It chose Jiangsu's province, in the eastern region of the country, to establish its production plant, the third one in the world; concretely in the city of Kunshan.

But when we had to take that last step, we were not going alone but we were walking hand in hand with a client. In ELAY Group we produce more than 60 million locks a year. Having verified that it was desirable that ELAY Group had global presence to meet client needs, on November 10, 2013 we opened a new plant in Kunshan: EAC (ELAY Automotive Components (Kunshan) Co. Ltd.). Nowadays, EAC has got its second client and continues fulfilling the forecasts.